The Easy Jungle Experience.
Just 2.5 hour drive from Salta Airport.

The easy Jungle Experience. Simply breathtaking. Sight Fishing for those massive GD’s is a once in a lifetime experience.

Jared Zizzou

Founder, The Fly Lords

We want to focus on Río Dorado, as it is a private and unique water course worldwide, which we can still protect and prevent from more serious environmental damage. We are putting a lot of effort and resources for this.

Alejandro Haro

Founder, Juramento Fly Fishing

Located in the village of “Las Lajitas” in the middle of the “yungaSalteña” (subtropical forest), adjacent to the National Park El Rey, the Rio Dorado runs freely. With fully crystalline waters, ideal for wet wading and sighfishing, with light equipment ranging from # 6 to # 8 (ideal size) with a floating line. This beautiful river, averages 3 kg., Dorados. You can capture up to 12 kg. Rio Dorado gives us a unique type of fishing, in which we get to see our pray and fish it like a subtle trout.

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Alejandro Haro
Juramento Fly Fishing Owner &

Alejandro is one of the pioneers of fly fishing for golden dorado in Argentina, a passion that led him to create Juramento Fly Fishing in 1994, based in the small town of El Tunal.

A tireless protector of the native dorado, Alejandro’s activism has ranged from intervening with poachers along the river to being a founding member of Fundación Rio Juramento—a regional nonprofit dedicated to protecting the fish and watershed.